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Common FAQ
  • What should I do if the indicator light is not lit?

    -- See if the system is still at normal operating status, if not, please check whether the power supply is properly connected.

  • What should I do if the button malfunction?

    -- Press the button to determine whether there is resilience.

    --Check if the color illumination on the button switches.

  • What if the pump stops working?

    -- Check if the waterproof connector is tightly inserted.

    --Check if the water pump socket is connected correctly.

    --Check if the water level has immerged the pump.

  • Low or no rate of flow from pump

    --Please make sure the pump filter is properly cleaned.

    --Double check if the water level is within the proper operating range.

  • LED lights Malfunction

    --Check if the LED jacks are connected properly.

    --Check if the control button is malfunctioning.

    --If some particular LED diodes are not working, this indicates a partial breakage on specific diodes, not the whole panel.

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