Turnkey solution for PLUG & GROW
Versatile for Growing Various Plants
Fully Controlled Environment
High Efficacy LED Lights
Automated Control of Key Grow Factors
Hydroponics and Aeroponics Irrigation
Remote Monitoring and Control
Containerized Grow Solution

The containerized grow solution together with the cutting edge LED cultivation technology offers a turnkey solution for cultivation. With all the key components engineered to work seamlessly within a shipping container, the system manages to deliver a round-clock automated control of temperature, humidity, illumination, CO2 concentration and nutrient supply. Plants now can grow in an optimized environment without issues created by pest or contamination. "Fast Deploy" capability and high adaptability allow year-around production in all circumstances.

Containerized Grow Group

The containerized grow group created a unique solution for plant production. By combining multiple units, the closed-loop irrigation system offers a complete seed to sale operation at minimum deployment time. The individually controlled grow spaces fulfill different stages of plant development, thus simultaneously creating a continuous output all year around. Automatic control and remote monitoring allows optimized production at an incredible consistency within a highly regulated industry.

Hydroponics & Aeroponics Irrigation

Sufficient nutrient solution is transported and evenly distributed directly to plant roots, ensuring strong and uniform development during the entire grow cycle. An intelligent controlled nutrient blending system can be added upon customer demand.

Fully Controlled Environments

Enclosed grow space minimizes the impact from external environment such as harsh weather and contamination against plant production. The plants are free of pesticides, herbicides and heavy metal residuals.

High Efficacy LED Lights

Our integrated LED grow lights are built with the capability to adjust spectrum and light intensity. The system can be configured to emit light of a very specific red and blue color spectrum chosen by the user for grow optimization.

Intelligent Control of Key Growing Factor

Maintain the optimized growing condition by constant measurement of all essential grow factors. Each container can be controlled individually including RH%, EC, pH, CO2, and ventilation. Favorable air flow for the grow space is created by a built-in fresh air system as a part of turnkey solution. 

Remote Monitoring & Real-time Controls

Fully automated indoor sensors measure and register grow condition for the entire grow cycle. To maintain the ideal grow condition, the cloud-based system responds data remotely for users based on real-time via PC/Application.

Product advantages
Smart controls ensures the optimized environment key factors for all stages of plant development.
One step turnkey solution for all growing needs.
Ready to be deployed anywhere with minimal influence from external environment.
Direct current power bus offers low energy consumption at high degree of safety standards.
Utilize less land space with greater harvest by year-around growing operation.
Adapt to different environment

This solution is designed to adapt harsh environmental growing conditions. Allowing growers to break through the traditional limitations of cultivation by eliminating all the potential hazards and damages from the external environment. The containerized solution is set to be fast deployed and extremely suitable for tight spaces by default. The application can vary from crowded mega cities to remote uninhabited islands.