Have you ever thought of growing up

Efficient Supply Chain
Low Energy Consumption
High Degree Automation
Intelligent Plant Factory

The containerized grow system offers a turnkey solution for LED cultivation. With all the key components built inside a shipping container, the system manages to deliver a round-clock automated control of temperature, humidity, illumination, CO2 concentration and nutrient supply. The plants will be able to grow in an optimized environment without the issues created by pest or contamination. Its deploy capability and high adaptability grants the user with access to year-around production in all circumstances.

365 Days Operation

Insulated container protects plants from harsh weather conditions, allowing successive planting of different crops 365 days a year.

Pesticide Free

The Plants are free of pesticide, herbicide & heavy metal residuals. The entire system act on its own as an environment friendly unit.

Energy Saving

The intelligent plant factory can save up to 92%-95% of water usage meanwhile increase efficiency of land utilization by 60+ times.

Intelligent Planting

Intelligent & precise control of key grow factors include temperature, humidity, pH, EC, CO2 and plant nutrient.

Turnkey solution

The containerized growth system is equipped with all necessary components of plant cultivation. Get growing with the system once the installation is complete.

Real-Time Monitoring

The cloud-based plantform allow users to access real-time data from sensors & in-farm cameras.